Our Mission

To optimize the safety, efficiency, affordability, dependability, and utility of the collection, transport, and storage of DNA

To empower patients by giving them possession of the most powerful medical information that exists: their own genetic blueprint

To advance the development of personalized medicine by allowing physicians and health professionals to tailor their treatment of patients, in health and disease, based on each person’s unique genetics

To advance genetic, medical and epidemiological research by allowing scientists access to large, well-preserved, organized, and utilizable libraries of DNA

What do we do?

We are a innovative leader in the industry of laboratory solutions to properly transport, preserve, prepare, and store DNA and protect it from degradation.

How do we do it?

We create knowledge and understanding in the medical community of applications and assess the needs and "pain" to be a solution for our client by listening

Whom do we do it for?

Laboratories, Doctors, patients, research and development teams

What value are we bringing?

We are bringing cost savings to the clients and patients, creating consciousness of environmental waste, a efficient method, we bring a solution to a challenge, we bring a consultative approach, we bring connection to bridge a gap in their process, we bring open creative minds to listen and problem solve. We bring the ability to individually assess the needs of each client by creating a team of experts with the diversity to compliment each other. We are creating alliances and recognizing synergistically how we can excel together. We bring the value of compassion and a visionary mindset. We create possibilities and critical thinking skills to assess.

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